(Tuum, 2018)



this could be rum’s dialogue and quotation marks

but that woman I saw in the woods yesterday didn’t listen

or see I haven’t seen anyone or heard any more

either don’t know whether the woods are prepared to fuck

only me all woods have come from somewhere the day is only

when night descends on the city like a black trash bag

a person’s footsteps under the snow walks across

a grave in evening unchanged clothes smell

like drunk vodka but the person hasn’t

arrived yet but she’s coming but she’s coming

her gloves hang on willow branches

after night when there wasn’t a single car on the city

streets someone’s lying upon morning peace’s snowy blossoms

a person as expected dark clear living


a wall like uncut pines beneath a black city

stones should be lifted from it so it’s not

like a person’s footstep advancing towards desires

and reflecting others’ lusts who need to cut something

pine bark into which moisture drew the map of estonia

should be filled with drawing several people washed ashore

who have but one head that says and then vice-versa

light woods a square mirror squeezed tight in palm

evening dries I walk with a liter of red wine

ti amo on the label is grapes to be cut

I drink so we might walk on the earth again

who flees his fears and doesn’t know where to start

with if something needs to be said walk on the earth

that must be scraped clean and the fatty cage drawn empty