Mathura and Gili Haimovich
ELM 1/2023
Gili Haimovich and Mathura first met at a poetry festival in Romania seven years ago and have since enjoyed a long-standing collaborat...

Katja Novak: War Needs No Epithets

By Doris Kareva
ELM 2/2022
Katja Novak (Kateryna Botnar) has lived in Estonia for several years. She is completing a master’s degree in cultural organization at the U...

Anja Salokannel’s 30,000 Grains of Barley

By Veronika Kivisilla
ELM 1/2022
Anja Esteri Salokannel (b. 1947) is a celebrated Finnish publisher, author, and translator who has received the Order of the White Rose...

Andrei Ivanov: Real Writing Is Disturbing

By Ilona Martson
ELM 1/2022
Russian-Estonian writer Andrei Ivanov lives with his wife and son in a Soviet-era apartment block on the outskirts of Estonia’s capital. He...

Elo Viiding and Kristjan Haljak

Elo Viiding’s debut poetry collection Telg (Axis) was released in 1990; her fifteenth and latest collection Ainult armastusest (Just Ab...

Viivi Luik and
Tõnu Õnnepalu

ELM 2/2019
V: Have you felt great reverence at least once in your life? T: I have no idea what great reverence is. Whenever anyone talks about the ...

Eda Ahi

ELM 1/2019
Eda Ahi is a poet whose sharp words, impeccable sense of rhythm, and rich imagery has captivated readers since her very first collection. M...

Danutė Giraitė:
work = hobby = lifestyle

By Pille-Riin Larm
ELM 2019/1
Danutė Sirijos Giraitė has been translating Estonian literature into Lithuanian for over 40 years, with a list of titles that spans prose, ...

Kristjan Haljak
Poète maudit?

By Siim Lill
ELM 1/2019
Kristjan Haljak is a poet, translator, and instructor of literature. Haljak has occasionally been called a Decadent (no matter whether seri...

Rein Raud –
A cosmopolitan with roots

An interview by Joonas Hellerma
ELM 1/2018
The Estonian public knows Rein Raud foremost as an intellectual and a scholar of the humanities who doesn’t balk at speaking up in discussio...

Doris Kareva
High tension captured in bare palms

An interview by Jürgen Rooste
ELM 1/2018
I’ve known Doris Kareva for many years. I know her to be a good person, editor, and poet, who works persistently to help and publish other p...

Maarja Kangro
The pain treshold

An interview by Tiina Kirss
ELM 2/2017
Several years ago, Maarja Kangro began publishing bold, sometimes stylistically grating and riotous poetry and prose in Estonian. She is als...

Vladislav Koržets
“Here I am now!”

By Jürgen Rooste
ELM 2/2017
Vladislav Koržets (1951) is a long-time celebrity Estonian writer and fisherman, whose poetry debut Songs or Such (Laulud või nii) appeared ...

Job Lisman
Being led by literature

An interview by ELM
ELM 1/2017
Job Lisman is the editorial director of Prometheus/Bert Bakker Publishers in the Netherlands, which publishes such bestselling authors as Je...

Jaan Kaplinski
The last laureate?

ELM 2/2016
In February 2016, compelling news rang out: Jaan Kaplinski was awarded the European Prize for Literature. The award, which is sponsored by t...

Cooking Poems: Karl Martin Sinijärv

ELM 1/2004
ELM: What to ask of a 32-year-old writer whose first book appeared 15 years ago, and who is equally busy as a TV host, restaurant criti...


By Sven Vabar
ELM 2/2003
Wimberg, alias Jaak Urmet, started his literary career as a member of a group of young Tallinn writers that quite soon ceased to exist. He ...

Estonian contemporary poetry in galician

By Rein Veidemann
ELM 2/2002
On Estonian literature’s path to world literature, truly exotic events occur, largely thanks to Estophiles scattered around the globe. One...

Jaan Kross 80: Three Dialogues

By Eric Dickens
ELM 1/2000
Characters:Jaan Kross, literary classic, 80 years old on 19th FebruaryEllen Niit, his wife, Estonian writerAksel Tamm, Soviet-time publ...