Love doesn’t exist
in a vacuum

By Maarja Vaino
ELM 1/2018
Published in 1935, I Loved a German (Ma armastasin sakslast) was the seventh novel written by the Estonian literary classic A. H. Tammsaare ...

A regular writer’s salary: Really?

By Piret Põldver
ELM 1/2018
Estonia is a small country where people generally can’t make a living purely on art and literature: the market simply isn’t large enough. ...

Fear and loathing
in little villages

By Mari Klein
ELM 2/2017
Over the last few years, the writers Birk Rohelend and Katrin Pauts have set out to enrich the Estonian crime genre with grim, trying tales ...

Estonian Literary Awards

By Piret Viires
ELM 2/2017
Jaan Kaplinski received a lifetime creative achievement award from the Republic of Estonia. Andrei Ivanov was likewise recognized for his cr...

Five Snow Whites
and not a single prince

By Carolina Pihelgas
ELM 1/2017
Writing about female poets, one inevitably arrives at a disturbing thought: why are some women regarded as poets, and others as poetesses? T...