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Eeva Park
Sensuous and social

By Johanna Ross
ELM 2018/1
A woman furtively squeezes the rounded surfaces of hard, unripe pears in her purse: she must somehow change the mind of a man who is threate...

Maimu Berg
A women’s self-esteem booster

By Aita Kivi
ELM 2/2017
The Estonian writer and politician Maimu Berg (71) mesmerizes readers with her audacity in directly addressing some topics that are even see...

in the winds of freedom

By Elle-Mari Talivee
ELM 2/2017
Siuru, a literary group of the utmost importance in Estonia’s cultural context, was founded in May 1917. It was the second-to-last year of W...

Nikolai Baturin:
A celebrated stranger

By Berk Vaher
ELM 1/2017
How can one explain Nikolai Baturin’s works and creative identity to someone from a different and distant culture, when they are quite the m...

Paavo Matsin’s performances

By Jan Kaus
ELM 1/2017
I last saw Paavo Matsin (1970) at a museum that honors the Estonian literary classic Eduard Vilde, where we were both scheduled to speak. We...

Our Leelo

By Mare Müürsepp
ELM 2/2016
I’ll start with children’s own assessment. Together with third-grade students, we drafted a list of important public figures in Estonia base...

Jüri Kolk
Seeking the immortal soul

By Kaupo Meiel
ELM 2/2016
Just about a year ago, Jüri Kolk, Jan Kaus, Karl Martin Sinijärv, and I were reading our own works and a pinch of others’ to a nearly full h...

Heiti Talvik:
A Time Bomb

By Hannes Varblane
ELM 2/2008
Besides being born a poet, one can also grow into a poet. One can develop into a poet on the basis of life experience and the heritage of ot...