one time in grade school
the topic of reading class was
fairy tales redone by Disney

(that’s not quite how we classified it back then
back then we didn’t really classify anything
we were little)

when it was snow white’s turn
the teacher asked
all the students to pick

who they’d like to
in that fairy tale

when it came around to me
I answered clearly that
I’d like to be
the witch

at which point
the teacher’s forehead wrinkled and
she asked rather roughly

does that mean I want to be nasty and evil

of course not, I replied, but
right now our class already has

17 snow whites
11 hunters
6 princes and not a single witch

so do we want a fairy tale
or a reality
dating show


please don’t dub me
the next
angry young woman

I’m not angry

if you draw any parallels
then please,
I’d rather it be

to jesus



Who’s afraid of Sveta Grigorjeva
by Sveta Grigorjeva