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Andrus Kivirähk, Veiko Tamjärv

by Mari Laaniste
At this point in time, an Estonian novel getting adapted into a graphic novel could be described as a phenomenon that’s only slightly m...

Andrus Kivirähk
Flight to the Moon

by Karl-Martin Sinijärv
Andrus Kivirähk is one of the most popular and fascinating Estonian authors of the last quarter century (and no doubt of all time). His new...

Andrus Kivirähk
Tilda and the Dust Angel

By Krista Kumberg
ELM 1/2019
FD Distribution, 2018. 144 pp.ISBN 9789949724802 For anyone expecting to find Andrus Kivirähk’s usual mischievous humor imbedded with im...

Job Lisman
Being led by literature

An interview by ELM
ELM 1/2017
Job Lisman is the editorial director of Prometheus/Bert Bakker Publishers in the Netherlands, which publishes such bestselling authors as Je...

The many voices
of Estonian drama

By Heidi Aadma
ELM 1/2016
Ten years ago was the one-hundredth anniversary of professional Estonian theatre. To celebrate the grand occasion, Pärnu’s Endla Theatre mad...