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Carolina Pihelgas
Watching the Night

by Kärt Hellerma
ELM 1/2023
Carolina Pihelgas’s debut novel can be labeled as a “kinship book”. Composed with confidence, its plot extends from the recent- to the some...

Carolina Pihelgas
Details of Darkness

By Maarja Helena Meriste
ELM 2018/1
Carolina Pihelgas, Pimeduse pisiasjad (Details of Darkness) Kaksikhammas, 2017, 84 pp ISBN 9789949999101 Carolina Pihelgas’s fifth poet...

Five Snow Whites
and not a single prince

By Carolina Pihelgas
ELM 1/2017
Writing about female poets, one inevitably arrives at a disturbing thought: why are some women regarded as poets, and others as poetesses? T...