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The Far Side of the Moon

By Urmas Vadi
[pp. 7–9] A Mobile Mind Each of us contains a tiny inheritance that only those belonging to a family can appreciate. We all have ...

Tõnis Vilu
A Gift to the Psychiatrist

Translated by Adam Cullen
ELM 2/2022
pp. 51–56 Am I, after the whole course of treatment, a better person now? I’ve screwed up an unbelievable amount of shit over ...

Toomas Nipernaadi

By August Gailit
ELM 1/2002
It was night - he stopped a while, drew his hand across his forehead, thought briefly, then took the raft over the river. For a long time h...

The old Barny

By Andrus Kivirähk
ELM 1/2002
November 1stJust before noon, the sun put in a brief appearance. For several weeks now, such a miracle had not taken place; since the begin...

Thirty years of love

By Eduard Vilde
ELM 1/1999
The young pastor knows that it is not substance but surface that matters. Substance is what people do not often understand, or do not even ...