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Sources of Rubber Glue

Helena Läks
ELM 1/2022
Kiwa (Jaanus Kivaste) dabbles in an array of creative fields: he is perhaps best known as an artist but is also a composer, curator, p...

Juta Kivimäe
The Drawing Room

Taavi Kangur
ELM 1/ 2022
Juta Kivimäe’s debut novel The Drawing Room shared first place in the 2021 novel-writing competition organized by the Estonian Writ...

Loone Ots
Love in a Hopeless Place

By Andrei Hvostov
ELM 1/2022
Loone Ots’s debut novel won first place in the Estonian Writers’ Union’s 2021 Fiction Contest. Reviewing Loone Ots’s novel, I must t...