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Hasso Krull
We Carried the Ladder with Us

By Maarja Helena Meriste
ELM 1/2018
Hasso Krull, Kandsime redelit kaasas (We Carried the Ladder with Us) Tartu, Kaksikhammas, 2017, 64 pp ISBN  9789949880188 Carolina Pihe...

Short Outlines of Books by Estonian Authors

By Aare Pilv, Berk Vaher
ELM 1/2005
Toomas Raudam. Nips (Snap)Tallinn, Eesti Keele Sihtasutus 2004. 312 ppRaudam may be one of the most prolific Estonian essayists and prose w...

Literary awards 2001

By Piret Viires
ELM 2/2002
The 2001 Republic of Estonia Award for Lifetime Achievement was given to Ain Kaalep, and national awards went to Haljand Udam and Mati Unt....

Short outlines of books by Estonian authors

By Janika Kronberg
ELM 2/2001
Aarne Ruben. Volta Whistles Mournfully (Volta annab kaeblikku vilet)Tallinn, Tänapäev, 2001.  352 ppAarne Ruben (29), a student of philolog...

Short overviews of books by Estonian authors

By Rutt Hinrikus and Janiks Kronberg
ELM 2/1999
Madis Kõiv:  Near Kähri Church at Pekri (Kähri kerko man Pekril)"Studia Memoria" II. Võru: Võru Instituut, 1999. 232 ppEstonian literat...

Estonian poetry 1998. Fashions and figures

By Hasso Krull
ELM 2/1999
During the seventies and the eighties the annual review of poetry in the literary magazine Looming was an important and influential institu...