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On Life and Love, Continuously

By Jan Kaus
ELM 1/2022
In Estonia, an interesting cultural discussion is underway, prompted by a call to celebrate Estonian Literature Day. The proposed date is J...

Jan Kaus

By Peeter Helme
ELM 1/2018
Jan Kaus, Kompass. Miniatuurromaan (Compass. A short prose novel) Hea Lugu, 2017. 111 pp ISBN  9789949589647 Although Jan Kaus has penn...

Jan Kaus
The Book of Closeness

By Paul Raud
ELM 2/2016
Jan Kaus, Läheduste raamat (The Book of Closeness) Tallinn, Verb, 2016. 72 pp ISBN: 9789949969067 The miniature, just like many other f...