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Lauri Sommer

By Carolina Pihelgas
ELM 1/2016
Lauri Sommer, Kunagi: 2008–2015 (Once: 2008–2015) Räestu, Tiivaalune, 2015, 86 pp Although Lauri Sommer (b 1973) made his debut in 1998 as...

Short Outlines of Books by Estonian Authors

By Aare Pilv, Berk Vaher
ELM 1/2005
Toomas Raudam. Nips (Snap)Tallinn, Eesti Keele Sihtasutus 2004. 312 ppRaudam may be one of the most prolific Estonian essayists and prose w...

Dictophone Shamanism

By Lauri Sommer
I will mostly talk about what has stayed with me. What has become familiar. Manipulating phonograms recorded on wax rolls, tapes, discs and...