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Madis Kõiv - Writer for and Ideal Reader

By Aarne Merilai
ELM 2/2004
Madis Kõiv is an exceptional figure in Estonian literature and at the same time one of the principal writers in new Estonian literature; he...

Short overviews of books by Estonian authors

By Rutt Hinrikus and Janiks Kronberg
ELM 2/1999
Madis Kõiv:  Near Kähri Church at Pekri (Kähri kerko man Pekril)"Studia Memoria" II. Võru: Võru Instituut, 1999. 232 ppEstonian literat...

Madis Kõiv's visionary theatre

By Luule Epner
ELM 2/1999
Madis Kõiv (born in 1929) is a remarkably versatile man: a nuclear physicist by profession, he chairs the seminar of analytical philosophy ...

Literature awards 1998

By Piret Viires
Various literature awards are given in Estonia each year, the most important of which is the national cultural award. In 1998 this pres...