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Mihkel Mutt
All is Well

By Siim Lill
ELM 1/2019
Fabian, 2018. 192 pp.ISBN 9789949933686 Mihkel Mutt’s collection of short prose All is Well, published in late 2018, is a follow-up to h...

Mihkel Mutt
The Estonian Circumciser

Translated and commented by Adam Cullen
ELM 1/2017
With Mihkel Mutt’s (1953) first novel since his hefty work The Cavemen Chronicle (2012), the unparalleled master of Estonian irony has emerg...

The irony of hope

By Adam Cullen
ELM 1/2016
"How’s that—we do have freedom now, don’t we?" Sõrgats insisted. "Well, we do," Lumepart said, "but what am I supposed to do with that?" ...