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Eeva Park
Sensuous and social

By Johanna Ross
ELM 2018/1
A woman furtively squeezes the rounded surfaces of hard, unripe pears in her purse: she must somehow change the mind of a man who is threate...

Katrin Johanson
Atlantis in a Cove

By Peeter Helme
ELM 1/2017
Katrin Johanson, Atlantis abajas (Atlantis in a Cove) Tallinn, Varrak, 2016. 160 pp. ISBN: 9789985337967 Katrin Johanson’s (1972) entra...

Maarja Kangro
The Glass Child

By Jürgen Rooste
ELM 1/2017
Maarja Kangro, Klaaslaps (The Glass Child) Tallinn, Nähtamatu Ahv, 2016. 208 pp. ISBN: 9789949813629 Maarja Kangro (1973) has been one ...

Jan Kaus
The Book of Closeness

By Paul Raud
ELM 2/2016
Jan Kaus, Läheduste raamat (The Book of Closeness) Tallinn, Verb, 2016. 72 pp ISBN: 9789949969067 The miniature, just like many other f...