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Urmas Vadi The Far Side of the Moon

By Karl-Martin Sinijärv
Urmas Vadi has staged literary scenes where absolute realism and the absurd come together to form a bizarre cohabitation for years, if not ...

The Far Side of the Moon

By Urmas Vadi
[pp. 7–9] A Mobile Mind Each of us contains a tiny inheritance that only those belonging to a family can appreciate. We all have ...

Urmas Vadi

By Peeter Helme
ELM 2/2017
Urmas Vadi. Neverland Kolm Tarka, 2017. 352 pp Issues of identity remain topical in Estonian literature, and are addressed by Urmas Vadi...

The many voices
of Estonian drama

By Heidi Aadma
ELM 1/2016
Ten years ago was the one-hundredth anniversary of professional Estonian theatre. To celebrate the grand occasion, Pärnu’s Endla Theatre mad...