Translated by Adam Cullen 


your naked body is beautiful in february sunshine we drink moonshine

and go outside to smoke bolted to a smokestack built of

mid-sized bricks you can see traces of a rusted and wrenched-off

metal ladder when you toss the butt in the snow

then the snow doesn’t go for good it’s still here and blinding and

melting already the thought of the snow sets off a heavy current

between my palm and your palm at the club you buy me

copious amounts of wine you fill my glass and are fully contented

the sun shines right in your eyes obviously every

smallest detail is placed according to the taste of the

observer we live in a warm and sunny city

lots of people are much worse off there’s time till my commute

a whole eternity I think what’s there to say what angle

should I take today in my struggle with apathy


Kristjan Haljak (1990) is a poet, translator and teacher.