I could recount
how curacao’s longest bridge is called
“our swinging old lady”
and passing over the bay

you sure don’t surpass yourself
but something along those lines
but I can’t

I read about “our swinging old lady” in an article online
I’ve never been to curacao
although I used to be certain
I’d see every corner of the world

I no longer believe I will

when you wake up in the same place every morning
you don’t even fill the corners of world bingo
sometimes I even doubt
I’ll ever make it into space

so, settle for a description
of the sidewalks along tallinn’s thorough fareson a weekday morning
you might think it’s a dead city
judging by them alone
if people weren’t
speeding past in buses and SUVs
judging by those alone you might think
I’m an exotic animal in a desert
others on safari watch from a safe distance 

settle for a description of narva road
where no one can hear you
in measured cadence, I yell out at traffic
my credit card number and security code
at home that evening I check
again, not one purchase
no one cared

settle for a description of march

when the snow just falls and falls and falls and I can’t breathe I’m too short buried in a snowdrift I push on and on and on and the tunnel behind me fills with snow again after every step my head hurts because the snow is too heavy I’m like an indigenous woman carrying a basket on my head but I’m carrying the snow of the entire city snow just falls and falls it’s april can you settle for that description

can you settle