Swallow, oh, swallow, save this day!

Smart tailor of skies,

sharp-winged one,

tail like scissors,

beak needlelike,

song a sudden seam and sew, see!

mending a torn heart.

Swallow, oh swallow, save this day!

Sifting existence,

stitch what is threadbare

with tender power,

mend what is flawed

fluttering flapping

far in the firmament.

Swallow, oh, swallow, your song is a prayer:

spring, cleanse,

smoke, reconcile,

so spirit will wave

without a stain

from ancient grove to grove.

Swallow, oh, swallow, swift spirited

smart tailor of the skies,

sharp-winged one –

mend the world with song’s silken thread,

with saliva, with feather, fix the heart’s nest,

fasten, repeat.

Fix, fasten, repeat,

fix, fasten, repeat.

Swallow, oh, swallow, save this day!

Translated by Adam Cullen