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by Jüri Kolk
i’m tormented by certain questions thoughts dim fancies on the edge of my vision flickering shadows weight upon my heart i’ve spoken of...

The Far Side of the Moon

By Urmas Vadi
[pp. 7–9] A Mobile Mind Each of us contains a tiny inheritance that only those belonging to a family can appreciate. We all have ...

ELM 1/2024 is out now!

Annika A. Koppel
You are holding the final issue of the Estonian Literary Magazine to be published by the Estonian Institute. I wish I did not have to write...


Doris Kareva
Swallow, oh, swallow, save this day! Smart tailor of skies, sharp-winged one, tail like scissors, beak needlelike, song ...

The irony of hope

By Adam Cullen
ELM 1/2016
"How’s that—we do have freedom now, don’t we?" Sõrgats insisted. "Well, we do," Lumepart said, "but what am I supposed to do with that?" ...