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Eeva Park
My Majestic Giraffes

By Piret Viires
ELM 2/2019
From the “Writers with Writers” seriesTallinn; Hea Lugu, 2018. 158 pp. ISBN   9789949634538 In 2018, the Hea Lugu publishing house launc...

Eeva Park
Sensuous and social

By Johanna Ross
ELM 2018/1
A woman furtively squeezes the rounded surfaces of hard, unripe pears in her purse: she must somehow change the mind of a man who is threate...

Poetry by Eeva Park

Translated by Adam Cullen
ELM 1/2018
* It wasn't I who made you this way said Darwin, the divine intuitive care of genetics opted to give you light hair and a dark l...

Eeva Park
Pets’ Paradise

By Peeter Helme
ELM 1/2017
Eeva Park, Lemmikloomade paradiis (Pets’ Paradise) Tallinn, Verb, 2016. 239 pp ISBN: 9789949984138 Eeva Park (1950) is one of those rar...