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Carolina Pihelgas
The Beginning

From the collection “Valgus kivi sees” (“The Light Within the Stone”, 2019) Translated by Adam Cullen THE BEGINNING Or an entirely di...

Hasso Krull
The Woods

Translated by Adam Cullen   The woods. It’s very still here today. No saws rumble today, no harvester whines, there’s no on...

Maarja Pärtna

weathervane Translated by Jayde Will   becoming ever lighter I ascend through the smoke hole, exhale and turn on my back...

Berk Vaher
Same as usual

  same as usual. for a starter.   you’re paying, turning and waving.   and begin to smile. an announcement ...

Kaur Riismaa

Chronophyte True realization, understanding, always comes by accident, by accident like “without undergoing”, “without brain racking”, ...