same as usual.

for a starter.


you’re paying, turning and waving.


and begin to smile. an announcement

across the glassed city that welcomes the

election day.



it’s words elected here

in hopes for the best to win

the vote is cast amiss.



same as usual.

once more.



you’re paying, turning and bouncing


off sonic barrier. what lengths

all go to                       in order to mute

what’s on their minds. spend

every last


so mindlessly.



yea, usual, same as usual.


so casual                     so casual.


you’re paying, turning and falling

in eyes left wide open. falling –



throat’s already occupied

no way ahead and                                         you


get spoken out.




no-one noticed you’d been off.




well then, same as usual.

this                  will be the last.


the one who pours it answers.          it’s over for today.


we’re closing here.





there are new elections, new muting and new lengths, new

freefalling, new                      outspeaking,

new outpouring, new             mind and

beyond mind


and still same place, same time as usual



same as usual.