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Elo Viiding and Kristjan Haljak

Elo Viiding’s debut poetry collection Telg (Axis) was released in 1990; her fifteenth and latest collection Ainult armastusest (Just Ab...


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On the Openness of Literature

By Jan Kaus
ELM 2/2020
It isn’t a stretch to assert that literature is an art of solitude. This especially true in comparison with other creative practices: many ...

Memories of Jaan Kross

By Mati Sirkel, Maima Grīnberga and Tiina Ann Kirss
ELM 1/2020
A speech by Mati Sirkel on Jaan Kross’s 80th birthday celebration at the Estonian Drama Theater, 2000Honorable Jaan!If you would allow me t...

A path a quarter-century long

By Krista Kaer
ELM 1/2020
A very long time ago, so long now that it came as a great surprise even to myself, Piret Viires and I were the original editors of Estonian...

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Recent translations

By Estonian Literature Centre
ELM 2/2020
English JONAS TAULÖömõttedA Serious ThoughtPublished by Groundwood Books/House of Anansi Press, 202064 pages Finnish JAAN KROS...

Maarja Kangro

By Siim Lill
ELM 2/2020
Nähtamatu Ahv 2019, 120 pp.ISBN 9789949013357 Maarja Kangro holds an unshakeable position on the Estonian literary scene. Her poetry, pr...

Peedu Saar

By Piret Viires
ELM 2/2020
Tallinn: Paradiis, 2019. 182 pp.ISBN    9789949741212Peedu Saar’s Veronicas is a dreamily sentimental romance that reads as ...