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Viivi Luik and
Tõnu Õnnepalu

ELM 2/2019
V: Have you felt great reverence at least once in your life? T: I have no idea what great reverence is. Whenever anyone talks about the ...


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Andres Allan Ellmann:
One of the few mystics

By Lauri Sommer
ELM 2/2019
Andres Allan Ellmann (1964-1988) was one of the very few mystical poets in post-war Estonian poetry. I think it was in his blood – his moth...

Juhan Liiv:
A search for the pure word

By Mathura
ELM 2/2019
The year 2019 looms large in Estonia’s cultural calendar, marking the 150th anniversary of the Estonian Song and Dance Celebration. Its imp...


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Veronika Kivisilla
A perfect day

By Veronika Kivisilla
ELM 2/2019
A perfect day naturally begins early in the morning. That is my time! I hope I never learn to sleep in! I’d never exchange the promisin...

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Selected translations

ELM 2/2019
ChineseTitle “Tantsisklevail lehtedel ta keerleb”Title * 喚發舞動之樹葉 : 五十四首描繪香港風景的俳 (Estonian: Chinese)Author MathuraGenre P...

Eeva Park
My Majestic Giraffes

By Piret Viires
ELM 2/2019
From the “Writers with Writers” seriesTallinn; Hea Lugu, 2018. 158 pp. ISBN   9789949634538 In 2018, the Hea Lugu publishing house launc...

Urmas Vadi
The Ballet Master

By Aro Velmet
ELM 2/2019
Loomingu Raamatukogu 2019, nr 6-9EAN 3220000004467 Urmas Vadi’s The Ballet Master is an absurdist satire of nationalist politics written...