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Kairi Look: An Author Who Treads Boundaries

by Annika A. Koppel
ELM 2/2023
Kairi Look’s first children’s book, Ville the Lemur Flies the Coop, was published in 2012. The author herself could very well be that lemu...

The Book That is a Beast of its Own

by Andrei Liimets
ELM 1/2023
Pâté of the Apes by Tõnis Tootsen (b. 1988) is the story of Ergo, the first ape who has learned to write. As the title suggests, the s...


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Where Are You Going, Estonian Lit?

By Helena Läks
ELM asked three young Estonian writers to consider the future of Estonian literature. What direction is its substance and form heading? Wh...

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Urmas Vadi The Far Side of the Moon

By Karl-Martin Sinijärv
Urmas Vadi has staged literary scenes where absolute realism and the absurd come together to form a bizarre cohabitation for years, if not ...

Viivi Luik
The Golden Crown

by Aija Sakova
ELM 2/2023
Viivi Luik is undoubtedly one of the most important and internationally renowned authors of Estonian literature. Enchanting Estonian reader...

Gunnar Neeme

by Janika Kronberg
ELM 2/2023
Gunnar Neeme (1918–2005) lived most of his life in Australia and achieved international recognition as an artist. He published two ...