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Katja Novak: War Needs No Epithets

By Doris Kareva
ELM 2/2022
Katja Novak (Kateryna Botnar) has lived in Estonia for several years. She is completing a master’s degree in cultural organization at the U...


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I Am Nature, Too

By Joosep Susi
ELM 2/2022
Tõnis Vilu is one of the most outstanding and significant Estonian poets today. He has published eight[1] works in less than a decade, ...

Martin Algus, A Writer Not Bound by Borders

By Heidi Aadma
ELM 2/2022
In 2007, Martin Algus had a dual victory: his problem play Janu (Thirst) and youth play Ise oled! (You Are!) received first and second plac...


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Book reviews

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Jaanus Vaiksoo
Shoe #41

By Kadri Naanu
Shoe #41 by Jaanus Vaiksoo is a new addition to the series that follows the adventures of 12-year-old Paul Fifth and his best friends, Min...

Kätlin Kaldmaa

by Loone Ots
ELM 2/2022
Kaldmaa’s Lydia is the story of a little girl who grows up to become an esteemed poet. The author undertook the daring task of writing...

Kärt Hellerma
The Blue Mass

By Eret Talviste
ELM 2/2022
Kärt Hellerma (b. 1956) is an Estonian writer whose debut book, Alchemy, appeared in 1997. She has since published in a variety of genres, ...