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Jaan Kross –
An Estonian ambassador

By Cornelius Hasselblatt
ELM 1/2020
When Estonia gained independence in 1918, one of the first tasks of the new state was to tell the rest of the world that it exists. Diploma...

Andres Allan Ellmann:
One of the few mystics

By Lauri Sommer
ELM 2/2019
Andres Allan Ellmann (1964-1988) was one of the very few mystical poets in post-war Estonian poetry. I think it was in his blood – his moth...


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Memories of Jaan Kross

By Mati Sirkel, Maima Grīnberga and Tiina Ann Kirss
ELM 1/2020
A speech by Mati Sirkel on Jaan Kross’s 80th birthday celebration at the Estonian Drama Theater, 2000Honorable Jaan!If you would allow me t...

A path a quarter-century long

By Krista Kaer
ELM 1/2020
A very long time ago, so long now that it came as a great surprise even to myself, Piret Viires and I were the original editors of Estonian...

Veronika Kivisilla
A perfect day

By Veronika Kivisilla
ELM 2/2019
A perfect day naturally begins early in the morning. That is my time! I hope I never learn to sleep in! I’d never exchange the promisin...

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Polish Boys

By Helena Läks
ELM 2/2020
EU Prize for Literature Laureate 2020 To write about one of the most distinctive and vibrant cultural groups to emerge in Estonia in rec...

Eia Uus
What It Feels Like for a Girl

By Taavi Hallimäe
ELM 1/2020
Postimees Kirjastus 2019, 272 ppISBN 9789949669653 Eia Uus’s new novel, What It Feels Like for a Girl, could be catalogued in the “leisu...

Jaanus Vaiksoo
Shoe #39

By Helena Koch
ELM 1/2020
Ärkel 2019, 184 pp9789949727223 Jaanus Vaiksoo’s Shoe #39 tells the story of 11-year-old Paul, who skips school for the first time in hi...