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Rein Raud –
A cosmopolitan with roots

An interview by Joonas Hellerma
ELM 1/2018
The Estonian public knows Rein Raud foremost as an intellectual and a scholar of the humanities who doesn’t balk at speaking up in discussio...

Doris Kareva
High tension captured in bare palms

An interview by Jürgen Rooste
ELM 1/2018
I’ve known Doris Kareva for many years. I know her to be a good person, editor, and poet, who works persistently to help and publish other p...


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Eeva Park
Sensuous and social

By Johanna Ross
ELM 2018/1
A woman furtively squeezes the rounded surfaces of hard, unripe pears in her purse: she must somehow change the mind of a man who is threate...

Maimu Berg
A women’s self-esteem booster

By Aita Kivi
ELM 2/2017
The Estonian writer and politician Maimu Berg (71) mesmerizes readers with her audacity in directly addressing some topics that are even see...

in the winds of freedom

By Elle-Mari Talivee
ELM 2/2017
Siuru, a literary group of the utmost importance in Estonia’s cultural context, was founded in May 1917. It was the second-to-last year of W...


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Love doesn’t exist
in a vacuum

By Maarja Vaino
ELM 1/2018
Published in 1935, I Loved a German (Ma armastasin sakslast) was the seventh novel written by the Estonian literary classic A. H. Tammsaare ...

A regular writer’s salary: Really?

By Piret Põldver
ELM 1/2018
Estonia is a small country where people generally can’t make a living purely on art and literature: the market simply isn’t large enough. ...

Book reviews

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Eva Koff
Blue Mountain

By Erik Aru
ELM 1/2018
Eva Koff, Sinine mägi (Blue Mountain) Tallinn, Varrak, 2017. 440 pp ISBN 9789985342213 Eva Koff’s Blue Mountain, which shared 2nd and 3...

Vahur Afanasjev
Serafima and Bogdan

By Peeter Helme
ELM 1/2018
Vahur Afanasjev, Serafima ja Bogdan (Serafima and Bogdan) Vemsa, 2017. 560 pp ISBN  9789949880355 The plot of Vahur Afanasjev’s opus ma...