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Eduard Vilde

by Toomas Haug
Eduard Vilde (1865-1933) was the first Estonian prose writer to achieve classic status, and he has thereby come to be regarded as the most ...

Eeva Park
Sensuous and social

By Johanna Ross
ELM 2018/1
A woman furtively squeezes the rounded surfaces of hard, unripe pears in her purse: she must somehow change the mind of a man who is threate...


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Literature and Diplomacy

by Janika Kronberg
Diplomacy and literature, or fine arts in general, can be viewed as the opposing spheres of human activities. In everyday language, diploma...

A Perfect Day

By Eva Koff
ELM 2/2018
"A Perfect Day" is a new ELM column, in which individuals associated with literature in Estonia share their recipes for a perfect day. The f...

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Siret Campbell

By Maarja Helena Meriste
ELM 2/2018
Siret Campbell, Beatrice Siret Campbell, 2018. 60 pp ISBN 9789949880256 (also available in English:  ISBN: 9789949886517) Near-future sc...

Leelo Tungal
Comrade Kid

By Maria Lee Liivak
Leelo Tungal, Seltsimees laps (Comrade Kid) Tänapäev, 2018. 512 pp ISBN 9789949853076   Leelo Tungal’s Comrade Kid trilogy – Co...