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Mathura and Gili Haimovich
ELM 1/2023
Gili Haimovich and Mathura first met at a poetry festival in Romania seven years ago and have since enjoyed a long-standing collaborat...


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The Book That is a Beast of its Own

by Andrei Liimets
ELM 1/2023
Pâté of the Apes by Tõnis Tootsen (b. 1988) is the story of Ergo, the first ape who has learned to write. As the title suggests, the s...

I Am Nature, Too

By Joosep Susi
ELM 2/2022
Tõnis Vilu is one of the most outstanding and significant Estonian poets today. He has published eight[1] works in less than a decade, ...


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Who Could Hold All the World’s Beauty?

by Joonas Hellerma
ELM 2/2023
The reception of Emil Tode’s Border State (1993) was shaped by multiple elements that were novel to Estonian literature of the time, i...

A Night to Remember

by Maximilian Murmann
ELM 1/2023
On New Year’s Eve a man straggles his way through Stockholm. Although he has been living in the city for quite some time, the narrator...

Now, That’s Certainly Not Literature

by Indrek Koff
ELM 1/2023
Writer Indrek Koff takes a look at literature’s borderlands and asks what peculiarities might arise there. For some reason, I’ve always ...

Book reviews

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Liis Sein
Mona's Dad Has Some Ideas

by Kairi Look
Liis Sein began her writing career with plays that have been both staged, and awarded in playwriting competitions. She also co-wrote the sc...

Kadri Kiho, Stella Salumaa
Endel and Kati

by Jaanika Palm
The success of Endel and Kati, by Kadri Kiho and Stella Salumaa, began with winning first place in the Knee-High Book Competition for child...